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The AGAHI Awards 2012, Pakistani Journalists Shaping the Future of Journalism

The AGAHI Awards 2012, Pakistani Journalists Shaping the Future of Journalism

The AGAHI Award 2012
Pakistan's First Journalism Awards
The winners of the AGAHI Awards 2012 showcased counter-narratives discouraging radical mindset in Pakistan.

Agahi Awards are Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards, aimed at recognizing the country's best journalists. These awards were organised by Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with the leading press clubs across the country, local and international media development bodies, regulatory authorities, the private sector and other stakeholders.

Puruesh Chaudhary, President for AGAHI and Ambassador on Media Ethics with Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) said the initiative was launched as essentially an effort to raise the standards of journalism in the country, creating a new crop of correspondents and editors who can develop counter-narratives to offset extremist ideologies and work towards greater peace and harmony in Pakistan.

Amir Jahangir, CEO Mishal and Young Global Leader with World Economic Forum, emphasized on creating Media Development Fund in Pakistan promoting  investigative journalism and quality content.

Presidents of the Eigth  Leading Press Clubs in Pakistan with
Amir Jahangir, CEO, Mishal Pakistan at the
AGAHI Awards 2012 Ceremony
The presidents of eight of the leading press clubs in Pakistan on a platform in encouraging raising journalistic standards in the country comes as an unprecedented move.

The winners of the AGAHI Awards 2012 showcased counter-narratives discouraging radical mindset in Pakistan.

The judges panel comprising of some of the most senior media professionals from around the world assessed the entries submitted by journalists from all over the country in over 15 different categories including business, economy, conflict, corruption, crime, education, infotainment, the nexus between water, energy and food security, gender and governance.

In addition issues like human rights, interfaith, judiciary, media ethics, terrorism and extremism have also been included to create more awareness for social issues affecting society. A special People’s Choice category was created for the most favorite current affairs anchor and news channel.

In the People’s choice category the award for the most Favourite Current Affairs Anchor and News Channel went to Hamid Mir of Capital Talk and GEO News of the Jang Group.

Haroon Baloch of Rohi TV bagged three awards in the categories; conflict, crime and environment. Haroon Baloch has been commended by the judges as one of the most effective content producer on the blogging sphere in the context of the evaluation criteria over which he was assessed; along with his ability to converge traditional media content over new media.

Mohammad Ali Khan on Business and Economy, Idrees Bakhtiar and Mohammad Ali Khan on an exclusive piece on Corruption in Herald, Saadia Khalid on Education, Mubarak Zaib Khan on Energy, Water and Food Security nexus, Fazal Khaliq on Gender, Mashkoor Ali on Governance Ibrahim Suheyl on Health, Ali Usman on Human Rights, Usman Ghafoor on Infotainment, Naveed Nasim on Interfaith for his documentary on Gojra Riots, Asad Kharal on Media Ethics, Zaheer Chaudhry and from Balochistan Matiullah Achakzai in Photo-Journalism, Waheedullah Afridi on Terrorism and Extremism.

Arif Rana from Express Group, won the award for the best Investigative Journalist 2012; for his extensive work on issues related to corruption and governance.

Arshad Sharif from Dunya TV; was recognized for his contribution on Pakistan’s war against terrorism and his counter-narratives on undermining radical ideologies.  

Mishal launched a series of media development initiatives and helped journalists interact with each other through knowledge-sharing platforms. It also encouraged them to introduce new perspectives and produce diverse and pluralistic content to reduce intolerance in the society.

Members of the AGAHI team have worked with likeminded institutions to enhance the impact of these capacity building initiatives. It has established linkages and collaborations with leading knowledge centers from across the world. They have collaborated with different press clubs and media associations in the country and have always encouraged journalists to launch similar initiatives on their own.

For more information on AGAHI Awards Winners, the evaluation committee, and the judging criteria please visit:

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AGAHI Awards 2012 - Registration Form

Registration Form

Participate at the AGAHI AWARDS 2012 ceremony – Shaping the Future of Journalism.
Deadline for sending your request is March 27th, 2012 – 1500 HRS (Pakistan Standard Time).
* All fields are required
Find the original for at:

* Please register yourself for your name in the invitation list, please bring your CNIC/Photo ID

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First Journalism Awards in Pakistan - Watch the AGAHI Awards Video

Agahi Awards 2012 | First Journalism Awards in Pakistan

A Media Development Initiative in Pakistan - scaling up its training and capacity building efforts by recognizing the best journalists reporting on critical issues concerning; Terrorism, Conflict, Interfaith, Millenium Development Goals, Safety and Security of Media Workers, Ethics - Code of Conduct etc etc.
Read More ...

Entries closedPosted: March 17, 2012
By: Agahi Team
Entries for the Agahi Awards 2012 have been closed. Details for the Agahi Awards 2013 will be announced soon. Stay in the know with!!
Agahi Awards 2012 – COMING SOON!!Posted: March 15, 2012
By: Agahi Team
Check out our Agahi Awards 2012 Promo! And don’t forget to vote for your Favourite Current Affairs Anchor and Favourite News Channel and win a FREE laptop in the lucky draw!!!
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Pakistan’s First Journalism People’s Choice AwardsPosted: March 2, 2012
By: Agahi Team
The Agahi Awards 2012 are Pakistan’s first ever awards to recognize and celebrate the work of dedicated journalists, who provide the nation with current news, wherever and whenever it takes place. In order to recognise the hard work of these … Continue reading 
Agahi arranges mentoring session in IslamabadPosted: February 29, 2012
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In our ongoing mission to promote journalism in Pakistan, Agahi hosted a mentoring session for Increasing the Capacity for Investigative Journalism and Responsible Reporting at Marriott, Islamabad on the 28th of February. The session was held by Aamer Ahmed Khan, … Continue reading 
Submission deadline extended to 5 March, 2012Posted: February 28, 2012
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Good news for all the journalists out there! The deadline for submissions of nominations for the first ever journalism awards of Pakistan-Agahi Awards 2012- has been extended. Judging from the massive positive response, it was decided that the deadline for … Continue reading 
Social Media and JournalismPosted: February 26, 2012
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Agahi Awards 2012Posted: February 26, 2012
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Journalism has been an integral part of Pakistan’s history since its birth, as one of the only mediums through which personal opinions can be voiced to a large audience. Such a tradition deserves to not only recognized, but also awarded. Mishal brings … Continue reading 


Agahi Awards


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Favourite Current Affairs Anchor | Agahi Awards 2012

Favourite Current Affairs Anchor | Agahi Awards 2012




Abdul Moiz Jaferii

Show: Siyasat Mana Hai and Agenda 360 on CNBC Pakistan

Abdullah Sultan

Show: Insight on Waqt TV

Adeel Shahid

Show: Mang Raha Hai Pakistan on CNBC Pakistan

Aftab Iqbal

Show: Khabarnak on Geo TV

Akbar Malik

Show: Mang Raha Hai Pakistan on CNBC Pakistan

Ali Bhangar

Show: Geo Ajooba on Geo TV

Ali Hashmi

Show: Raid on DAWN News

Ali Mumtaz

Show: Hum Log on SAMAA TV

Amir Ghouri

Show: Agar on ARY News

Amir Rizvi

Show: Koon Pouchay Gaa? on Dunya TV

Aniq Ahmad

Show: Peyam e Subh on Dunya TV

Aniq Naji

Show: Tallash on Dunya TV

Arif Nizami

Show: Zer-e-Bahas on SAMAA TV

Arshad Sharif

Show: Kyun on Dunya TV

Asma Chaudhary

Show: In Session on Dunya TV

Asma Shirazi

Show: Faisla Aap Ka on SAMAA TV

Ayaz Khan

Show: Shatranj on Express News

Barrister Ehtesham Amir-ud-din

Show: In the Line of Fire on DAWN News


Show: Gustakhi Muaf on Waqt TV

Bena Khan

Show: Crime Scene on SAMAA TV

Dr. Aamir Liaqat

Show: Aasaar e Qayamat on ARY News

Dr. Danish

Show: Sawal Yeh Hai on ARY News

Dr. Maria Zulfiqar Khan

Show: Baat Say Baat on Express News

Dr. Moeed Pirzada


Dr. Shahid Masood

Show: Shahid Nama on Express News


Show: Nawaiwaqt Today on Waqt TV

Fahad Hussain

Show: Pakistan Tonight on

Faheem Siddique

Show: Geo FIR on Geo TV

Faisal Qureshi

Show: Bang e Dara on News 1

Faisal Rehman

Show: Hot Line on Waqt TV

Fareed Raees

Show: Aman Brabri Kay Saath on AAJ TV

Farrukh Khan Pitafi

Show: Capital Circuit on News 1

Fatima Zehra

Show: Khoji on SAMAA TV

Fereeha Idrees

Show: News Beat on SAMAA TV

Habib Akram

Show: Nuqta-e-Nazar on Dunya TV

Haider Waheed

Show: Seedhi Baat and Agenda 360 on CNBC Pakistan

Hamid Mir

Show: Capital Talk on Geo TV

Iftikhar Ahmed

Show: AWAM KI Adalat on Geo TV

Ihtesham ul Haq

Show: 3rd Umpire on NEWS 5

Imran Sanaullah

Show: Assignment on Waqt TV

Iqbal Hussain

Show: Such Ka Safar on News 1


Show: Aap ki Baat on SAMAA TV

Israr Rana

Show: Aaj Pakistan mai on NEWS 5

Jameel Farooqui

Show: Khabardar on DAWN News

Jameel Farooqui

Show: Sarak Kinaray on CNBC Pakistan

Jasmeen Manzoor

Show: Tonight with Jasmeen on SAMAA TV

Javed Chaudhary

Show: Kal Tak on Express News

Javed Iqbal

Show: News Watch on Dunya TV

Javed Malik

Show: Insight on ARY News

Jawed Siddique

Show: Embassy Road on Waqt TV

Junaid Saleem

Show: Hasb-e-Hal on Dunya TV

Kamran Khan

Show: Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath on Geo TV

Kamran Shahid

Show: Front Line on Express News

Kashif Abbasi

Show: OFF the Record on ARY News

Maria Memon

Show: Meray Mutabiq on Geo TV

Masood Raza

Show: Hum Awwam on Geo TV

Maya Ali

Show: Shaher Shaher Samaa on SAMAA TV

Maya Ali

Show: Har Pakistani Mein Chupa Hai Ek Hero on SAMAA TV

Maya Khan

Show: Bakhabar Savera on ARY News

Mazhar Abbas

Show: Do Tok on ARY News

Meher Bukhari

Show: Crossfire on Dunya TV

Mehwish Siddique

Show: Awam ki Awaz on SAMAA TV

Mubashir Luqman

Show: Khari baat on Dunya TV

Mujahid Barelvi

Show: Dosra Pehlu on CNBC Pakistan

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami

Show: Nuqta-e-Nazar on Dunya TV

Muneeb Farooq

Show: Aapas ki Baat on Geo TV

Mushtaq Minhas

Show: Bolta Pakistan on AAJ TV

Nadeem Malik

Show: Islamabad Tonight on AAJ TV

Nadia Mirza

Show: Hai Koi Jawab? on CNBC Pakistan

Nadia Naqi

Show: Pakistan at 7 on AAJ TV

Najam Sethi

Show: Aapas ki Baat on Geo TV

Nasim Zehra

Show: Policy Matters on Dunya TV

Nazia Akram

Show: Meri Dharti Meri Dunya on Dunya TV

Noor ul Arfeen Siddiqui

Show: Hot Seat on AAJ TV

Nusrat Javed

Show: Bolta Pakistan on AAJ TV

P.J. Mir

Show: Q & A on ARY News

Paras Khursheed

Show: 30 Minutes on SAMAA TV

Quatrina Hussain

Show: Witness on Express 24X7

Rana Mubashir

Show: Pakistan Chouk on News 1 - Rana Mubashir Prime Time on News 1

Rifat Khan

Show: Capital tonight on NEWS 5

Rizwan Azan

Show: Bazaar on Geo TV

Rizwan Jafar

Show: Awaz on AAJ TV - Sawal Hai Pakistan Ka on AAJ TV - Awami Express on Waqt TV

Saalik Majeed

Show: News Desk on Waqt TV

Saba Qamar

Show: Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain on Geo TV

Saifan Khan

Show: Maazrat Kay Saath on News 1

Saleem Safi

Show: Jirga on Geo TV

Sana Bucha

Show: Lekin on Geo TV

Sanam Baloch

Show: Subh Savery Samaa Ke Saat on SAMAA TV

Shahzad Iqbal

Show: Pakistan Aaj Raat on CNBC Pakistan

Shahzeb Khanzada

Show: To the Point on Express News

Shazia Khan



Show: Target on AAJ TV

Shuja Mohammad Qureshi

Show: Aik Say Dou on Geo TV

Sohail Ahmad

Show: Hasb-e-Hal on Dunya TV

Sohail Warraich

Show: Aik Din Geo kay Saath on Geo TV

Sophia Jamal

Show: Kab Tak on DAWN News

Talat Hussain

Show: News Night with Talat Hussain on DAWN News

Tipu Sharif 

Show: Khoji on SAMAA TV

Umair Khan

Show: Geo Dost on Geo TV

Uzma Alkarim

Show: Geo Pakistan on GEO News

Wajahat Khan

Show: Ikhtilaf on AAJ TV

Waseem Badami

Show: 11th Hour on ARY News

Zaheer ud Din Babar

Show: Islamabad Calling on Indus News Network

Zia Shahid

Show: Zia Shahid k Sath on NEWS 5

Zunaira Azhar

Show: Zabta e Hayat on Dunya TV

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