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More Gadget - AGAHI Pakistan to Implement the Nokia-UNESCO Mobile Learning Initiative to Deliver Quality Education to Teachers

More Gadget - GAHI Pakistan to Implement the Nokia-UNESCO Mobile Learning Initiative to Deliver Quality Education to Teachers

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Posted in Nokia on 24th December 2011
(PRWEB) Dec 23, 2011
Islamabad, PK: Nokia Pakistan, AGAHI and UNESCO Islamabad launched a “Mobile Learning Project for Teacher’s Professional Development” currently as grave partnership in a participation of comparison supervision officials, Nokia representatives, AGAHI group and UNESCO representatives. As partial of this program, AGAHI, UNESCO and Nokia are fasten hands, where Nokia is providing a mobile phones and a focus “Nokia Education Delivery (NED) for UNESCO’s plan on ‘use of ICT for veteran growth of open propagandize teachers’ in remote areas.
Since 2011 NED has incited into an open source resolution to urge livelihoods, and in sequence to support such mobile training innovations to be filled with life in Pakistan, The plan will be implemented by AGAHI, a UNESCO partner and a non-profit substructure operative in a area of communication and media process design.
Nokia grown NED to concede regulating a mobile phone to entrance and download videos and other educational materials from a constantly updated preparation library. Operating in hundreds of schools and carrying reached millions of students in a Philippines, Tanzania, Chile and Colombia, Nokia Education Delivery has been shown to urge investigate formula and boost influence among students.
This partnership is partial of a agreement sealed final year between UNESCO and Nokia during general turn to foster a use of mobile technologies to serve a objectives of “Education for All”. As partial of this agreement Nokia is building applications and new Mobile technologies charity entrance to information and heighten training environments during tellurian level.

In Pakistan, by AGAHI a plan “Mobile Learning for Teachers” Nokia’s Education Delivery focus will assistance UNESCO to capacitate a smoothness of high- peculiarity educational materials to teachers who miss training and resources yet mobile phones giving an event to teachers to sight themselves on a same turn as professionally efficient teachers.
Speaking about a project, UNESCO Director, Kozue Kai Nagata said, “In 21st century Public- private partnerships are enjoying flourishing courtesy and support as a new and tolerable modality for development. We are assured to combine with Nokia to yield us with a best height to sight open propagandize teachers. Nokia Education Delivery is fit to compare a need of delivering peculiarity training to a vast series of open propagandize teachers opposite Pakistan by a plan named “Mobile Learning for Teachers”
Amir Jahangir, President AGAHI and a Young Global Leader of a World Economic Forum, common his views on a launch that “Pakistan is a believe carnivorous country, where concept preparation has a possess challenges. To accommodate a aim of a Millennium Development Goals (MDG) on education, Pakistan needs to residence a preparation hurdles by creation and record that can strech to a incomparable race with cost effective solutions”.
Speaking about a launch of NED program, Ulrike Vott Nokia Sustainability Manager for Middle East said, “Nokia Education Delivery facilitates preparation in a fun and interactive way. In further to a NED software, Nokia offers procedure doing support for a advantage of Pakistan’s preparation landscape.” The Nokia Education Delivery procedure complement has dual modules. The initial procedure is commissioned on a Nokia mobile phone and contains a crop means catalog of educational videos. The second procedure is commissioned on a mechanism of a preparation administrator. It manages a organization’s mobile video library, so that videos can be added, deleted and updated. It also provides information on a use of opposite videos.”
This singular commander plan for Pakistan has been instituted by UNESCO, AGAHI and NOKIA, that aims during regulating Mobile phones as middle for training teachers, where a teachers in remote areas will be versed with devices, SIMs, a procedure resolution and high peculiarity educational content. The march for training and ability building will be grown into video files and will be transmitted step by step according to curriculum on a phones supposing to teachers. Over a march of a training period, teachers will be tested around SMS on unchanging basement and as an incentive, those who will measure tip in tests will accept giveaway mobile tip ups. At a finish of a course, exam scores of all teachers will be many-sided and a flitting teachers will be awarded certificate in a final workshop.

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